About Froglands Purrfection Cattery

Cat Pen

Froglands Purrfection Cattery is a purpose-built cattery offering a caring and friendly cat boarding service in Kenley near Caterham in Surrey.

We provide your cat's personal and loving care including cuddles and grooming. Other special care and requirements are also catered for, just tell me what you need.

Cats are visited at least three times a day in order to ensure that litter trays are clean, the food is fresh and that their water bowls are topped up - this guarantees they will have a comfortable night too.

Should an emergency arise, 24-7 vet care is on-hand and an isolation unit available.

Our cattery is equiped with heating, lighting, security cameras, and has an attractive garden too.

Transparent Sneeze Barriers are fitted ensuring that NO INFECTION is passed to from cat-to-cat or from pen-to-pen. These still allow cats to see each other if they wish, or not, as the bottom section is frosted.

We provide true creative safety and comfort. A meshed open section at the front of each pen allows, on warm days, for a refreshing breeze to enter when the front section windows of the cattery are removed.

Cattery Ambience

Our aim is to make sure your cats feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible while they are on holiday with us.

The cattery is in an attractive garden setting with colourful flowers, shrubs and trees that attract birds and butterflies.

Cats are inquisitive creatures needing colour and movement to interest them. We treat our boarders with the same personal attention we would show our own pets giving you complete peace of mind while you enjoy your holiday.